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  1. It was put into operation one month ahead of schedule despite that
    construction had started half a year later than three other units of the
    same category in Pakistan.CMEC contracted the NEELUM-JHELUM hydropower
    plant project in 2007, for the design, supply, installation and
    construction of metal structures, and electrical and mechanical
    engineering. The power plant, known as the “Three Gorges Project in
    Pakistan”, is the largest one of its kind in the country with the
    largest underground works in Asia and the largest surge shaft in the
    world.From the Guddu power plant to the NEELUM-JHELUM hydropower plant,
    CMEC has witnessed the initial development of power plants in foreign
    countries. Based on the understanding of international practice and
    rules about contracting international power project, CMEC has developed
    its rules and approaches for the management of international projects as
    well as a team with strong international trade background and rich
    hands-on and technical experience in the organization and management of
    international projects.Through 30 years of endeavor, CMEC has grown into
    a leading international project contractor and service provider. The
    international projects it has contracted and the international trade it
    has engaged in involve more than 150 countries and regions across the
    five continents. The projects cover such fields as electrical power,
    transport, electronic communications, housing construction,
    manufacturing and processing plants, environmental protection, mining
    and resource exploitation. Its performance in the electrical power
    sector is particularly outstanding. By the end of 2011, CMEC had
    completed three 600MW supercritical coal-fired power plants.Looking back
    at those hard years in Pakistan’s power project contracting market, CMEC
    will continue to press ahead and make the greatest efforts to promote
    the cooperation with Pakistan in an all-round and in-depth manner and
    push the China-Pakistan friendship to a new stage, based on the
    principle of sincerity and mutual benefit.分享:.fenxx
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China Daily: Engineering firm doubles as ambassador As a leading
international engineering contractor and service provider, the China
Machinery Engineering Corporation helps to foster closer ties between
Africa and China through its high-quality projects in the Republic of
Congo.Over the past decade, CMEC has seen robust growth in the country
by committing itself to such large national projects as power
infrastructure, highways, water treatment facilities and
telecommunication networks.Those projects have had an incredible impact
on the local quality of life, the company said.One example is the
Imboulou Hydropower Plant, the largest Sino-African cooperative project,
which was launched in 2004.Located in Brazzaville, capital of Congo, the
plant consists of four electricity units and has a gross capacity of
120,000 kilowatts.One of the country’s major power stations, it is
expected to generate an annual average electricity capacity of more than
681 million kilowatt-hours, which will meet the surging demand in the
western and northern regions of the nation.”Behind the glorious
achievements are our engineers’ grueling efforts against the adverse
weather conditions and harsh living environment in the area,” said the
project manager.Now, the Imboulou Hydropower Plant has become a landmark
of Congo and a must-see destination for visiting foreign leaders.CMEC is
also providing lots of skilled workers during the process, injecting
prosperity into the local market, according to the company.It is a
responsible and helpful corporate citizen in the eyes of local
residents, the company said.Over the years, CMEC has donated a variety
of goods to institutions in the area, including stationery and sports
equipment to schools as well as medicines to hospitals.Its employees
also share the burden of looking after sick villagers who are stricken
with malaria and other diseases.This year, the company was awarded the
title of ” the Chair of the Association of Chinese Enterprises in
Congo”.The company said it will strive to deliver more high-quality
projects in the nation in a bid to further deepen the friendship between
the two countries.Founded in 1978, CMEC is China’s first large
state-owned corporation to integrate engineering, contracting and
foreign trade with industry.As of the end of last June, the company has
generated revenue totaling some 10 billion yuan ($1.6 billion), with
gross profit amounting to over 1.9 billion yuan, according to its
financial report.To date, the company has extended its business to more
than 150 countries and regions in the fields of international
contracting and foreign trade.Its contract business covers a broad range
of industries, such as power and energy, transportation, electronic
communication, housing and architecture, manufacturing and processing,
environmental protection, mining and resource prospecting.Based on the
financial data derived from the European Neighborhood Policy’s top 225
international contractors list, CMEC is ranked sixth among all the
global contractors, accounting for some 4 percent of the total revenue
from the power sector generated by those companies, according to an
official report.The company is ranked among the top 10 overseas
contractors in China by completed business volume, according to the
Ministry of
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